Beautiful Sponge Nail Art Tutorial

I always love to try new things, especially with nail art. I like professional nail art. They are just awesome, but at the same time I always want to try them on my own. In this DIY nail art tutorial, I am going to share an easy sponge nail art and combining it with some more things.

Sponge Nail Art

Sponge effect is a wonderful technique to combine different colors together and give a gorgeous looking nail art effect.

Have a look to first image:

Sponge Nail Art

A quick tip:- Always prefer to apply base coat before applying nail polish to your nails.

Now, we have to apply a dark color as base for this nail art. I have used dark green color. Let it dry, then take light green and white color nail polish and mix them on a flat plastic surface. Take a Sponge and give nail light green nail polish impression on your nails. Let it dry.

Now, cover the tip of your nail with black nail polish. You can give this shape easily with nail polish brush. Then, take a nail art pen and draw some lines to give a look of coconut tree.

You can try different color combinations for this nail art. Have a look to this image:

Sponge Nail Art

In this sponge nail art, I have used combination of dark blue, light blue and white nail polish colors. It is giving a look of coconut tree at the sea-sore with blue sky. isn’t it?

I have also tried this nail art with purple nail polish colors. Have a look:

Sponge Nail Art

You can try any color combination. This is a perfect nail art technique that will look cool with any color combinations. These days, bright colors are in trend.

Sponge Nail Art

Apply different color on different nails or go with your outfit color. They will look really nice.

Sponge Nail Art
I hope you enjoyed my various versions of sponge nail art.

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