Easy Tips For Check With Gradient Nail Art

Most of the girls admire beautiful nail art but they afraid to try them by themselves. They think nail art is difficult to try yourself. Believe me, you can easily make funky DIY nail art design by yourself.

Well groomed nails is a signal of a person’s strong personality and their style. Today, wearing just a nail color is not enough. You have to wear something different and something stylish that reflects your fashionable look and style. Even a simple nail art can give a mesmerizing look to your dull nails. So, why stay behind? Lets try some gradient nail art.

Gradient Nail Art

One of the easiest trick to make perfect nail art design is by using Striping Tapes. They gives fine nail art designs in few minutes. You can quickly create unique nail art designs with these tapes.

Lets start with this nail art tutorial.

First of all, clean your nails and massage them with olive oil. If you used to apply nail paint frequently, then you should take care of your nail’s health. They must stay strong and olive oil is really good for it.

Now, apply white nail polish for base of your nail art. There is a quick tip here:

Keep a bowl of ice-cold water aside you whenever you apply nail polish and dip your fingers in it after every coat of nail polish. It helps in drying nail polish quickly.

Now, cut a small piece of striping tape and stick it to your nail in diagonal direction.

ombre nails

Then, take two nail polish colors, one lighter and other dark. I have selected pink tone, as it is said pink is girlish color. Apply a coat of light pink upper side and dark pink lower side. Let it dry by keeping your finger in ice-cold water bowl. In few seconds, your nail polish will be dry.

Gradient Nail Art

Now, remove striping tape from your nail carefully,

ombre nails

In this tutorial, we will make a contrast with different nail art design on third finger nail. Apply white nail polish for base as usual. Let it dry and make a diagonal check with striping tape.

Gradient Nail Art

In the previous tutorial, we had learned how to do gradient nail art. Here, we will follow the similar technique. Put two-three drops of both light and dark pink nail polish colors on plastic surface. take a sponge and give impression on your third finger nail. let your nail polish dry and then remove striping tape carefully. In the last image, you can see the diagonal check design. With this Ombre nail art, you can easily give clean and clear impression.

Now, Make some easy design on rest of the fingers. I have made some flower-like pattern in the corners.

Gradient Nail Art

You can use tooth pick to make this design. I have used black nail art pen for this deign. After this, apply top coat for finalizing your nail art design. It will lock your nail polish and make it long tasting. It will also add a shine to your nail art.

Gradient Nail Art

You can also use crystals or rhinestones to enhance the look of your nails. I have used small pink rounded rhinestones.

Gradient Nail Art

So, friends how like my gradient nail art tutorial. Please share your views and ideas for improvement. If you are not in India, then you can buy Sweet Color Nail Art Striping Tape from born pretty store.

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