Tips To Get Prom Nails At Home

We need lots of preparation to get ready for prom night and perfect manicure definitely comes in the first three priorities. It is very important to pick up the right DIY nail art for every occasion as they enhance the beauty of our hands. Prom night is one of the special day and we have to look good on this day.
Prom nails  
How about if you can create some cool nail art design at home? You will become the center of attraction and everyone will ask about it.. I have searched the web and found some cool DIY nail art designs those you can create at home for your big prom night. For sure, you will become the talk of the party if you wear these prom nails.
From glitter to ombre, modern twists, rhinestones and 3-D design, everything will go best with your look. Once you are done with your nails, then you can spend time for your prom dress, look and hairstyle. Keep on moving down to get ideas for DIY nail tips.
Classic nude with golden beads
This nail art manicure will give a modern twist to your look with classic nude. Your friends will keep on staring your nails whole night. Also, it is quite an easy nail art technique. You just need to apply two coats of classic nude nail paint and then take some golden beads and paste them on your nails with adhesive or top coat.
prom nail art
Pink and cream nail art
Here is another easy and DIY nail art tip for you that is cute and girly. If you are planning to wear something pink for your prom nails then this nail art will goes perfect. Also, you can design it easily at home.
prom nails
First, apply cream nail paint and let it dry. Then, apply pink on the tips carefully. Now, you need a black nail art pen and draw the design. Don’t worry it is easy to draw..:)
Blue and gold nail art
Golden is always considered as the perfect color for prom night or any other night event and if you are planning to wear something blue then this is a perfect nail art. Anyhow, you can take the idea from this DIY nail art and combine it with your color.
prom nail art
prom nails
It’s quite an easy nail art. You can create several designs with Striping tape. You can buy it from my ebay here. Just apply your nail polish color, let it dry and then apply this self adhesive striping tape. Lock your nail art with top coat. It will help you in keeping your nail art long lasting.
Purple Ombre
Ombre nail art is one of the easiest nail art technique. You just need few contrast nail paints and a small piece of sponge. You can learn step by step sponge effect nail art here. You can carry this pink and blue ombre with any dress.
prom nail art
prom nail art
Nude with rhinestones
This nude DIY nail art is just amazing and glamorous. Take a nude nail polish and apply two coats of it. Let it dry completely. Now, use some glitter nail polish and rhinestones for topping.
studded nails
Golden crowned tips
What about golden crowned tips for the prom nails? They will be fantastic. As I said Golden and black is always perfect for night parties. They are sparkling, they are mesmerizing, they are just amazing. For this nail art you just need a normal adhesive tape, that we use for crafting at home.
golden nails
First you need to apply black nail paint and then golden. Do remember, apply golden nail polish only when black is dried. Otherwise, it will not look perfect.
Glitter Ombre
Last but not the least for the prom night. If you like the glittery look then this nail art is meant for you. Just apply your favorite color nail polish and then sprinkle some glitters on the tip to give ombre effect. Lastly, apply top coat to lock litters. If you have glitter nail polish then this ombre DIY nail art will be  more easier for you.
prom nails
Hope you enjoy my prom nails ideas. Do share your views.

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