DIY Heart Nail Art With Tape

Nail art with tape is an easy way to create stunning designs those look so professional. you don’t need to worry if you are not good in creating fine and crisp lines. You can use scotch tape or cello tape to create several designs.

Do you love hearts? Do you want hearts on your nails? Well I have an easy DIY nail art tutorial for you to create heart nail art with tape or stickers.

Heart Nail Art

I hope you enjoy..:)

Things required:

  1. Nail polish colors: White, light pink and red.
  2. Circular stickers or you can cut scotch tape in small circles.
  3. Fast drying top coat

Steps for Nail Art:

Before you start work on this nail art with tape, you have to do some preparation as follows:

  • Cut scotch tape in 10 small circular shapes. You can also buy circular stickers from market. They are easily available.
  • If you use nail polish frequent on your nails, then I would recommend you to take care of your nails as well. I do massage my nails with olive oil 1-2 hour before applying nail polish.
  • Clean your nails with nail polish remover and remove old nail polish.

Here is an alternative. You can buy Circular manicure guides from Born Pretty Store.

1 Sheet Creative French Manicure Round Edge Tip Guides Nail Art Toes

Nail Art

Step 1: Apply white nail polish as the base for your nail art. I do prefer two coats of nail polish for better result. Let it dry completely. Take time and do not proceed until it dries for best result.

French Manicure Guides

Step 2: Take two circular tapes and paste first on second as shown in the picture. Stick tape on your hand for 2-3 times to lower down its stickiness. Otherwise, it will take off your nail polish. Now, apply circular tape on your nails as shown in the picture.


DIY nail art techniques

Step 3: Now, apply pink nail polish on your nails carefully. Let it dry completely. Do not hurry!!

Heart Nails

Step 4: Remove tape from your nails and paste it on a plastic surface.

Cute Nail Art

Step 5: Again, paste tape tape on your nails. This time paste it on pink nail polish. Now, apply red nail polish on the tip of your nails, as shown in the picture.

Nail art with tape

Step 6: Take off stickers and apply top coat for long lasting and shiny nail art.

Some Additions:

As shown in the picture, you can give some detailing to your nail art with nail art pen. I recommend, do not try it directly on your heart nail art with tape if you are doing it for the first time. A small mistake can spoil all of your efforts and completed nail art design. With this black outline, you can also make the shape of hearts clear.

DIY nail art

Heart Nail Art

I hope you like my heart nail art with tape. I would like to hear your suggestion and ideas for improvement..:)

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