Day 1: Red French Manicure Nails

Hey friends, after long-time I am back with a 30 Days Nail Art Challenge. Previously, I was quite busy with lots of offline work and I was unable to manage time for new nail art tutorial. I have seen several Nail Art Challenges so I thought to share a 30 Days nail art challenge. Even it is very interesting to create new nail art designs every day. I really enjoy it.

So, lets start with Red French Mani Nails. Instead of applying the red nail paint I have used red polka dots and red striping tape in this nail art.

Things Required:

  1. Nail Polish colors: white and red.
  2. Red Striping Tape
  3. French Manicure tips (I had purchased from ebay India)
  4. Nail Art Dotting Tool.
  5. Quick Dry Top Coat.

Steps for Red French Manicure Nails:

Step 1:  After gathering all required things for nail art, I have selected V-style french manicure tips for my nail art. I had purchased 3-style french manicure set from ebay India and they are reusable, of course, if you use them wisely.

Step 2: Now, apply white nail polish, preferably french manicure polish evenly on your nails. Let it dry and remove french manicure strips from your nails.

Step 3: Now, apply red striping tape on the edges of your french manicure. Yeah.. It is a little bit time consuming, but the result is value for time. Also, apply red polka dots on your nails. I had applied in 2 different size polka dots.

Step 4: Finally apply a quick dry top coat on your nails and seal your nail art for the long term.

I hope you like my red french manicure nail mani. Tomorrow, I will be back with Yellow Bee Nail manicure.

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