Day 2: Yellow Bee Nails

For Day 2, I have selected yellow bee nail manicure. It is really interesting to try new nail art everyday and explore your creativity. The most hurting part of this 30 day nail art challenge is to remove your nail creativity and apply new one daily.

I had seen bee manicure previously and I always wanted to try it on my nails. That’s why I listed it in the very beginning of my nail art challenge.

Things Required:

  1. Nail polish colors: yellow and black
  2. Striping Tape (any color)
  3. Nail art brushes (you need thinnest brush)
  4. Quick dry top coat.

Steps for Yellow Bee Nail Art:

Step 1: As we are doing yellow nail art and bee color is also yellow, so I opted for yellow base for my 2nd day nail art. Apply two coats for the base of your nail art. Let it dry.

Step 2: Now, apply striping tape on thumb and last finger nails. Apply 2 strips together and leave same distance for black color.

Step 3: Now, cover nails with black nail polish. Let it dry and remover striping tape.

Step 4: Next step is to pick the thinnest brush and make some dots on first two finger nails as shown in the picture.

Step 5: Final step is to draw a bee. You have to use same thin brush for it and draw a bee. Go for easy design if you are a beginner.

Step 6: At last, apply a quick dry top coat to make your nail art long lasting.

I hope you enjoyed my yellow bee nail art. Tomorrow I will be back with a new Orange nail art.

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