Day 7: Silver Metallic Nails

I was looking for perfect metallic finish nail polish from a long time. Even I tried China glaze and OPI nail lacquer as well. Even they have glittery finish. Then, I came to know that there is no nail polish formula that can give perfect metallic finish.

With the advancement of technology in every field, nail polish strips and nail art foils are developed to give perfect metallic finish nails. So, I have used nail art foil for my Day 7 of 30 days nail art challenge.

Things required:

  1. Nail polish color: silver
  2. Transfer foil glue
  3. Transfer foil: perfect metallic finish
  4. Quick dry top coat

Steps for Silver Metallic Nails

Step 1: First of all, apply one coat of silver nail polish. I have applied silver nail polish for the base of my nail art. It will hide if transfer foil miss anywhere. Let it dry.

Step 2:  Once your nail polish is dry, now apply a thin coat of transfer foil glue. Wait for 5 minutes and your foil glue will turn transparent and sticky.

Step 3: Now, apply small pieces of silver foil on your nails and press them firmly from every corner and side so that it transfer to your nail completely.

Step 4: Peel of transfer foil, once it is completely transferred to your nails.

Step 5: Finally, seel your transfer foil nail art with quick dry top coat. Otherwise, it will lift of easily.

I hope you enjoyed my today’s nail art tutorial. Tomorrow, I have planned for Purple Sparkling Nails.

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