Green Ombre with Full Nail Water Slide Decal Nail Art

Hi friends, I am back after long time to my blog. I get lots of questions regarding water slide decals or water transfer decals. In my opinion, they are the best nail art products if you love to do experiments with nail art at home or your nail saloon.

Today, I am going to talk about full nail water slide decals because people always ask me how to apply them? how to cut them? how clean them from sides? etc etc.. Today, I will reveal answer to all questions. I am sharing video tutorial to avoid all confusions.

Things required:
1. Nail polishes: white, light green, dark green
2. Quick dry top coat
3. Tweezers
4. Scissor
5. A bowl of water at room temperature
6. Foil paper or plastic sheet
7. A piece of sponge
8. Buds dipped in acetone

Step 1: Apply white nail polish for the base of your nail art.
Step 2: Give ombre effect to your nails with the help of sponge and foil paper.

TIP: Dip sponge in water. By this way, sponge will not soak excess nail polish in it.

Step 3: Cut required pieces of water slide decals and dip them in water for 20-25 seconds.

Step 4: Take out water decal piece with tweezers and adjust on your nails as required.

Step 5: Apply top coat to seal your decal for longer stay.

Step 6: Clean sides of your nails with the help of toothpick, orange stick or tweezers. For better understanding, watch video.

Step 7: I have added some 3D decals on rest of the nails.

Step 8: Apply top coat to seal your 3D decals.

Step 9: Clean sides of your nails either with brush or buds dipped in acetone. You can also use nail polish removing pen.

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