Metallic Pink Nail Art with Black Water Slide Decals and Studs

Hi Guys!! Today I am back with another water slide decal nail art. They are simply amazing. I love to do nail art with these wonders. Day by day, more and more water slide decals are hitting in market, and I just want to grab every design… I am sure most of you too wish the same thing. So here we start with the list of required things..

Things Required:
1. Nail polish colors: Metallic pink
2. Water slide decal: Black full nail water decal (D336)
3. Black flat back pearls: 2 mm size
4. A bowl of water
5. Scissor
6. Tweezers
7. Quick dry top coat

Steps for Metallic Pink Nail Art with Black Water Slide Decals and Studs

Step 1: Clean your nails and file them properly.

Step 2: Apply two coats of metallic pink nail polish color. You can try any other color and share your recreation with me.

Step 3: Cut the required piece of water decal. Put it in water bowl. Take it out with tweezers and set on your nails.

Step 4: I have added some black flat back pearls in my nail art. You can be creative and add something else.

Step 5: Finally, apply quick dry top coat for the finishing look.

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