White 3D Flower Decals with Striping Tape Nail Art

Hi Lovlies, today I am going to share a striping tape nail art with white 3d decals. Its an easy nail art but the result is beautiful. Even I messed up with striping tape. Anyhow, the look is not spoiled. Your nail art base should be properly dried before applying striping tape. Otherwise, tape will spoil the base. Here we start..

Bombastic Nail Art

White Flower Self-adhesive Decals for Nail Art

Things required:
1. I used white on white and Don’t Make me Wine by China Glaze.
3. White flower 3D decal stickers.
4. Top coat.

Steps for White 3D Flower Decals with Striping Tape Nail Art

Step 1: Apply white nail polish for the base of your nail art. Apply one coat only so that it dries faster.

Striping Tape Case

Step 2: Apply striping tape as shown in the photo. On middle finger nails, apply striping tape in vertical direction to make half partition on nail. (Apply striping tape on your palm for 3-4 times to reduce its stickiness.)
You can also use striping tape case for easy application and carrying of it.
Step 3: Apply invert color nail polish now as shown in the picture.

Step 4: Peel-off striping tape carefully.

Step 5: Apply white flower 3D decals on your nails as shown in the photo or as you like. These 3D decals are self-adhesive, that’s why easy to use. Peel them carefully with tweezers.
Step 6: Finally,apply top coat for finalizing your nail art.

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