25 Amazing Valentine’s Day Nail Art Ideas

Valentine’s Day is the day of LOVE and the colors of love are red and pink. Anyhow, we should not bound ourselves with only these colors on this special day. Whether you are dating someone or living a single life, Valentine’s Day is always special for everyone. So, why not dress up your nails for this occasion? Here are 15 easy and amazing Valentine’s Day nail art ideas:

1. Rose Water Decal Nails
Valentine’s week starts with the Rose day. So, why not make your nail art based on this theme? I have created my nail design including roses in it. For this, I have used rose water slide decals and wave nail vinyl (manicure guides). Added a crisp with heart rhinestone to match the theme of Valentine.

Rose Day Nail Art

Here is a macro shot of the decals I have used for my design.

Rose Day Nail Art
2. Love Hearts Nail
Here is my 2nd Valentine’s Day nail art. It includes hearts, love and flowers. I used stamping nail art technique for this design and added white flower 3d decals on ring finger nails.
Valentine's day nail art
Heart nail art
Red nail art

3. Pink Nails
Here is a simple pink nail art designed for those who are in a hurry. You just need some 3D decals, glitter powder, glitter strips and yes! pink nail polish. I used neon pink nail polish for the base. Do not forget to apply one coat of white nail polish as a primer. It makes the nail polish look opaque and save your nails from staining.

Valentine's day nail art
Pink nails

4. Propose Day Nail Art
It took lots of time to design this nail art as it includes both ombre and stamping technique. I am not good in painting designs. Even I never tried painting so much’ what’s the need? There are so many easy to use nail art products available in the market.
By the chance, I got a stamping plate that includes both a couple and full nail heart design. So, I did ombre for the base and then stamped heart design on it. For ring finger nail, I added a couple on it. Like the way you all are thinking, me too want proposing couple, but it’s not on the plate.

Propose day nail art
Valentine's day nail art

5. Baby Pink Nails with PolkaDots
I used Pure Elegance by China Glaze for this nail art. It is a nude pink shade. So, I have to apply white base to give an opaque finish. I used 3D decals for middle finger nails and added small black polka dots. I wonder polka dots came so perfect.

Pink black polka dot 3d nail art
Valentine's day nail art
6. Love Heart Nails

It’s an another Valentine’s nail art by stamping. The design is little bit not clear because I used normal nail polish for it.

Heart nail art
Valentine's day nail art
Heart nail art
7. Pink Yellow Flower Nails

For this nail art, I used flower water slide decals and polka dots. Yellow and pink combination look perfect to me. I loved the way my nail art came out. I have applied one coat of white nail polish before yellow nail polish for opaque finish.

Valentine's day nail art
8. Lilac Nails

Here is a simple yet elegant nail art idea for Valentine’s day. I used lilac nail polish as a base color. For ring finger nails, I used black water slide decal. You can also use black 3D decal. It is an easy and quick design.

Pink nail art
9. Chocolate Day Nail Art

I love chocolates and most of you too. Chocolate day is on 9th February. So, my this nail art is themed on it. I had chocolate heart water slide decals, but I never felt that I should have chocolate color nail polish as well. This way the only color I didn’t have and I need it for dripping chocolate effect. After lots of search, I found it in a small shop. I loved it, I will share tutorial on it soon.

Chocolate day nail art
Dripping nail art
Valentine's day nail art
10. LOVE Transfer Foil Nail Art

It’s an another LOVE stamping nail art with hearts. I used red China Glaze nail polish for this design. As I shared earlier that I use normal nail polish for stamping as well. After lots of struggle with stamping, it came out so beautiful. For ring finger nails, I used printed transfer foil. If you want perfect foil transfer, then you need foil glue as well as some practice.

Love heart nail art
11. Orange Hearts Nails

Hearts and LOVE are the themes of Valentine’s Day. So, I have included this half-and-half design in my list. I used striping tape for diagonal application of orange nail polish and applied heart water decals. For an addition, I have applied blue glitter flakes nail polish from China Glaze Glitz collection. Its a combination of hexagon flakes, glitter stripes and mild glitters.

Glitter heart nail art
Valentine's day nail art
12. Smiley and Hearts Nail Art
Here I got another simple and cute nail art. I just used smiley and heart water decals for my nails. You can also buy them from my ebay shop in India.
Heart smiley nail art
13. Red Bunny Hearts Nail Art

For this nail art, I used China Glaze 3D Material Girl nail polish from Eye Candy collection. It is a beautiful blend of red and silver glitter. I applied one coat of red nail polish for better result. On middle finger nails, I again used water decals because I love them 😉

Cartoon nail art
Valentine's day nail art
14. Teddy Day Nail Art

I think every girls wants a cute teddy bear, me too love it. Teddy day is on 10th February. So, here is a design on the theme.

Teddy day nail art
Valentine's day nail art
15. Hot Pink Flower Nail Art

Here is a pinky pink nail art with neon pink nail polish. An addition with China Glaze blue Glitz nail polish and bow water decals. I have used black flower 3D decals. They are simply beautiful.

Valentine's day nail art
17. LOVE Nail Art
How about writing LOVE letters on nails? So, I used LOVE water decals for this design. They are colorful. So, I used colorful base for it.
Love nail art
Valentine's day nail art
18. Kiss Day Nail Art

Kiss day is on 13th February and here is a pure kiss day themed nail art design. It is shared by one of my friends. She did stamping for making red lips and writing Love. Stamping made nail art so easy that anyone can design her nails with a little practice. For a matte look, she used matte top coat over her nails.

Kiss nail art
13. Colorful Kiss Nails

Here is another Kiss Day themed colorful nail art. I used sponge for dual colorful impression and applied similar color water decals on it. For an addition, I used striping tape on thumb nail and last finger nail.

Love kiss nail art
Valentine's nail art
19. Red White Nails

Red nails are simply marvelous. I just applied full nail white water decals on middle finger nails and flower 3D decals on remaining nails.

Lace nail art
20. Floral Nail Art

I have applied China Glaze Textured nail polish for this design. On middle finger nails, I used 3D stickers on beige base.

Flower nail art
21. Pink Bubbly Nails

For this bubbly effect, you just need a medium size dotting tool and nail art pen. The outline of hearts is done by nail art pen. They are very easy to use.

Bubble nail art
22. Jewel Nail Art

If you like studded and jewel nails, then here is a collection for you only. The owner of Ginny Nail Studio shared here nail art collection for the Valentine’s Day. Her pink orange nail art combination is simply adorable and the way she used studs and stones is mind blowing.

Valentine's nail art
23. Pink Orange Chanel Nails

Valentine's day nails
24. Red Ombre Jewel Nails

Valentine's day nail art
25. Pink Orange Jewel Nail Art

Valentine's day nails
I hope you all loved my 25 Valentine’s Day nail art ideas. Please share your views and ideas. If I like it, then I will add it in my collection 🙂

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