DIY Neon Nail Art Ideas at Home

Hi friends, I hope all of you are doing very well and enjoyed Valentine’s day. Today, I am back with some neon nail art ideas. Neon colors look really bright and there are several nail lacquer brand working on neon colors collections. Have you checked China Glaze Electric Night 2015 collection? It was simply amazing that includes all bright colors with three neon flakes tops.

Here we start with neon pink color nail art. I used hot pink nail polish for the base of my nail art. I always apply one coat of white nail polish before any sheer color for the opaque and bright finish. For ring finger nail and index finger nail, I have applied black 3D decal with stone. They are very high quality with strong adhesion. For middle finger nail, I have applied bow water decal on a French manicure. For remaining nails, I have applied China Glaze Mosaic Madness. Finally, A coat of quick dry top coat and my nail art is ready.

3D decal with stone for nail art
White Black 3D Decals used in the Nail Art

Hot Pink Nail Art

Neon Pink Nail Art

Here is another neon pink nail art with 3D decals and glitter ombre effect. I used black 3D decals with colored stones for this manicure. The quality of these decals is simply amazing. They stick very well and stay longer. You just require applying quick dry top coat after 3D decals. For the glitter ombre, I used red and silver glitter nail polish by China Glaze. The name of this nail polish is Love Marilyn. I used a sponge to apply gradient finish on my nails.

 Neon colors always look brighter on a white base.Even if you want to apply proper neon nail polish, then you should apply one coat of white nail polish. It will turn you nail polish whiter and brighter. So, I used White On White nail polish by China Glaze for the base of my nail art and simply applied water decals on it. These decals were very easy to use. You have to cut a rectangular piece of decal you want to apply and put it in water. Do not forget to remove protective sheet from it.

Cute nail art
Neon water slide decal for nail art
Water Slide Decals used for the Nail Art

DIY Nail Art
diy nail art

Now, it’s time for full nail water decals. I got some neon water slide decals in full nail style. So, I collaborated them with wave style nail guide tips and polka dots.

cute nail art

full nail water slide decal

diy nail art ideas

neon nail art
Here is a video nail art tutorial on neon full nail water slide decals:

Here is another nail art idea with neon full nail water slide decal. I tried several neon decals from 3D to water slide and I really enjoyed them. It is a leaf pattern is several neon colors. I used multi-colored glitter stripes on the yellow base.
neon nail art

diy nail art

yello and neon nail art

My last neon nail art is based on geometric theme. These neon water decals includes squares and circles in neon colors. I did ombre nail art with three nail polish colors.Yeah.. I know they didn’t came out very well because they didn’t merged in each other. Will try it again with a hope of better resut.

neon water slide decals

neon nail art ideas

I hope all of you like my neon nail art ideas as you can do them easily at home. Do share your recreations and suggestions. I will share them on my social media…:)

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