Flower Nail Art with Printed Transfer Foils

Hi, folks!! you must tried several flower nail art techniques before, but today I am going to share another easy way to do floral nail art. In this nail art, I am using printed transfer foil.

Items required:
  1. Nail polish colors: White On White, Glow With The Flow (Pink) and Treble Maker (Green) by China Glaze
  2. Printed transfer foil: Foral print
  3. Transfer foil glue
  4. Quick dry top coat
Flower nail art

floral nail art

Step 1: Apply one coat of white nail polish.

How to apply transfer foil glue

Step 2: Now, apply your favorite color nail polish. Apply two coats, if required. I have applied Glow With The Flow and Treble Maker nail polish colors from China Glaze Electric Nights Summer 2015 collection.
Once, the nail polish is dry, then apply transfer foil glue. Wait for 60 seconds and foil glue will turn transparent and sticky.

How to apply transfer foil nail art

Step 3: Now, cut a piece of transfer foil and set on your nail as required. Press the foil from all sides with your fingertip so that it transfer to your nails properly.Now, remove the foil sheet carefully.

Printed flower transfer foil
Printed Flower Transfer Foil used in the nail art

Transfer foil nail art

Step 4: Repeat step 3 for all nails if you want same print on all nails. Otherwise, try combining other nail art technique. Finally, all a quick dry top coat to seal your nail art for long lasting stay.

Transfer foil Flower nail art
Flower nail art

Flower nail art

Neon floral nail art

Here is a video tutorial on How to apply Transfer Foil for nail art

I hope all of you enjoyed my flower nail art with transfer foil. Please share if you have any question with transfer foil application.

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