Cool Nail Art with Reverse Stamping

Hi friends, I hope all of you are doing well. After trying several water slide decal nail art, today I am back with a cool nail art by reverse stamping. You must heard about making decals with stamping or reverse stamping before. It is an amazing DIY nail art technique with which you can do stamping perfectly.

cool nail art

So, lets start with the items you need for this cool nail art.

  1. Nail polish color: I used white for base, turquoise and black stamping.
  2. Striping tape: any color
  3. Stamper and scraper
  4. Stamping image plate (which ever you like) I selected with a check design.
  5. Toothpick or orange stick for peeling decal from stamper.
  6. Quick dry top coat.

Steps for Reverse Stamping Nail Art

Step 1: Apply one coat of white nail paint for the base.

reverse stamping nails

Step 2: Keep all items required for stamping nail art at a place. It includes stamper, scraper, stamping plate, top coat, nail polish remover wipes.

How to make decal with stamping nail art

Step 3: Apply black stamping polish on image plate and scrap extra polish with scraper. Take the image with stamper and wait for 30 seconds so that image dries. Now, apply top coat and wait untill it dries.

striping tape nails

Step 4: Lift the sides of the decal with orange stick and peel it with tweezers. Now, I cut the decal in triangle shape for my nail art.

checkered nail art

Step 5: Set the decal on your nails as per the requirement. Remember to keep your nail base a little sticky to give a grip to decal.

check nail art

Step 6: Next step is to apply striping tape and then turquoise nail polish. (Tip: Apply striping tape on your palm for 3-4 times to reduce its stickiness.)

DIY nail art

Step 7: Remove striping tape and apply quick dry top coat.

Reverse stamping nail art
Cute Nail Art

Checkout Video tutorial on Cool Nail Art with Reverse Stamping

I hope you all enjoyed my DIY nail art tutorial. My middle finger nail art is not perfect, but its alright, I am a learner 🙂

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