Mundo De Unas Mexican Pink Stamping Nail Polish Review and Swatches

Hi friends!! stamping nail art is one of the common DIY nail art techniques. It is easy to do if you have right products and you know the right technique. With the change in time, there is lots of advancement in stamping products. The traditional silicon stamper is now changed to marshmallow squishy stamper, the plastic scraper is changed to flexible card scraper. The main product that is improved is stamping nail polish. The traditional stamping nail polish brand was konad and now, there are so many brands competing with each other.

Mundo de unas review and swatches

Today I am going to share review and swatches of Mundo De Unas MDU stamping nail polish. I am going to use Mexican Pink color by MDU. It is a beautiful bright bubbly pink shade.

Stamping nail art

I have used rectangular stamper, stamping image plate brought from ebay and Cheeky card for scraping.

Steps for the Stamping Nail Art with Mundo De Unas

white nails

 Step 1: Apply white nail polish for the base.

Peel off Liquid latex tape

 Step 2: Apply Peel Off Liquid Tape for clean finish nail art.

Ombre nail art Step 3: I did ombre nail art with white pink and purple nail polish.

Gradient nail artStep 4: Apply Purple nail polish on the index and pinky finger nail.
Bow on Gradient NailsStep 5: Add bow style 3D decals on both middle and ring finger nail.
3D decals stickers
3D Decals used in the Nail Art
Stamping nail polishStep 6: Here comes the main step. I did the stamping on the index and pinky finger nail. It looks bright and opaque even on dark purple base.
Polka dot nailsStep 7: For an addition, I added some black dots near the bow on the middle and ring finger nail. On the index and pinky finger nail, I added some very small dots. Finally, a layer of quick dry top coat and the nail art is ready.
DIY nail art technique

Mexican pink stamping nail polish review and swatch

Bow nail art

Stamping nail art

Mundo De Unas stamping nail polish is very opaque as it is clearly visible on any dark base. You can apply it on any dark or light nail polish base. It won’t smudged or mix in the base color after top coat application.

Here is an another nail art with MDU Mexican Pink stamping nail polish and same image plate but different design. It cameout so bright and opaque on black nail polish. I have appied Unrefined nail polish from China Glaze Texture collection on thumb, index and pinky finger nail. It is an amazing shade with beautiful finish.

Mundo de unas stamping nail art

china glaze texture nail polish

China glaze unrefined nail polish

Mexican pink stamping nail polish swatch and review

Stamping nail art

I hope you all enjoyed my DIY nail art tutorial and swatches. Soon I will be back with another review and swatch of MDU stamping nail polish.

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