Flower Nail Art with Transfer Foils and Polka Dots

Hi Lovelies!! Today I am going to share easy flower nail art with printed transfer foils. These days there are so many designs available in printed foils and you just need to use them wisely. I have combined flower with polka dot nail art. It is a super easy DIY nail art technique.

Flower Nail Art

Products Needed:

  1. Nail polish colours: white and red
  2. Printed flower transfer foil for nail art.
  3. Transfer foil glue
  4. Small dotting tool
  5. Quick dry top coat

Here is a video tutorial on Flower Nail Art with Transfer Foils and Polka Dots

Cute Nail Art
foil nails
Flower Nail Art
Polka Dot Nail Art
DIY Nail Art
Transfer Foil Nail Art
Flower Nail Art
I hope you like my transfer foil nail art tutorial. I will be back soon with more DIY nail art ideas.

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