How to Yellow Flower Fluffy Nails

Hi Lovelies, I am back with another amazing DIY nail art. These days, I am focusing more on video nail art tutorials instead of photo tutorials. Video tutorials are easy to understand and reduce the possibility of confusion. I am a learn and keen to see your suggestions.
I saw several people experiment with flocking velvet powder for nail art. So, I thought to mix DIY nail art techniques i.e stamping nail art, fluffy nail art, and striping tape.

Fluffy nails

Products needed:

  1. Nail polish colors: white, yellow, black and peach
  2. Stamping polish: Black
  3. Stamping plate (I am using mega plate)
  4. Clear nail stamper (so that you can stamp design properly)
  5. Yellow velvet powder
  6. Small dotting tool
  7. Striping tape (any color)
  8. Quick dry top coat

Here is a video tutorial on Yellow Flower Fluffy Nail Art

Steps for Yellow Flower Fluffy Nail Art
Step 1: Apply white nail polish on thumb, index finger and pinky finger nail.

Step 2: Now, apply yellow nail polish on the thumb, index finger and pinky finger nail. Let it dry.

Flower nail art

Step 3: Use black stamping nail polish for stamping and take the image with clear jelly nail stamper. I used China Glaze Black nail polish for stamping. It works good. Apply the image on middle finger nail and ring finger nail carefully.

Fluffy Nails
Macro Shot of Flower Fluffy Nails

Step 4: Use a dotting tool to apply small yellow dots on black flower and sprinkle velvet powder on nails. Press it firmly, wait for 30 seconds and clear extra powder with a brush. Repeat, if velvet powder is missed anywhere.

DIY Nail Art

Step 5: Now, draw french manicure with yellow nail polish and sprinkle yellow velvet powder on wet polish. Press it firmly and clear extra powder.

Cute Nail Art

Step 6: I added peach dots in the middle of yellow fluffy flower. You can add any contrast color dots.

Fuzzy Nails

Step 7: Apply two striping tapes as shown in the below video on the thumb, index finger and pinky finger nail, and apply black nail polish. Remove striping tape and apply a quick dry top coat.

Flower Nail Art

I hope you all enjoyed my Yellow Flower Fluffy Nails tutorial.

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