How to Cheat Water Marble Nail Art: Review of Born Pretty Stamping Plate L005

Hi Girls! Today I am going to review Born Pretty XL Rectangular stamping plate L005. It is a water marble cheat stamping plate that includes some floral and geometrical shapes as well. Born Pretty people sent me this plate to review and I simply loved it. You can use my discount coupon code JASW10 on born pretty store.

Water marble nail art

Products needed:

  1. Nail polishes: white and yellow
  2. Peel off liquid tape
  3. Stamping nail polish: Mundo De Unas Mexican Pink (If you are in India, then mail me. I can arrange it for you.)
  4. Clear Jelly Nail stamper
  5. Tweezers
  6. Born Pretty XL rectangular stamping plate L005
  7. Quick dry top coat

Here is a review of Born Pretty XL Rectangular Stamping Plate L005 for Nail Art

春の歌 12*6cm Rectangle Nail Art Stamp Template Watermarble Design Image Plate Harunouta L005
Water Marble Cheat Nail Art

Mundo De Unas Stamping Nail Polish Art

Born Pretty Stamping Plate Review

Stamping Nail Art

DIY Nail Art

Dry Marble Nail Art

Drag Marble Nail Art

Water Marble Cheat Nails

I hope you all liked my DIY nail art technique for water marble cheat nails. I am keen to hear your suggestions.

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