Happy Birthday Stamping Plate Nail Art Ideas

Hi Lovelies! Here is a review and happy birthday nail art ideas with simple stamping plate. I got this stamping plate few days back to review and share some amazing dIY nail art ideas. So, here it is!!
These days, I am in love with stamping nail art and all because of Mundo De Unas Stamping nail polishes. It is a Mexican nail brand and the best stamping brand I ever tried. If you are in India and want to buy, then contact me!

Birthday Stamping Nail Art

Products needed:

  1. Nail polish colors: I used white for base and light lemon on it.
  2. Mundo de unas stamping nail polish: Yellow, red, mexican pink and blue.
  3. Stamping plate: Happy birthday stamping plate and a lace plate for the background.
  4. Clear jelly stamper and card scraper.
  5. Born Pretty peel off liquid latex.
  6. Quick dry top coat

Here is a Step by Step Tutorial for Happy Birthday Stamping Plate Nail Art Ideas

1. Apply one coat of white nail polish for the base.
Easy birthday nail art ideas
2. Now, apply lemon nail polish. I used light color for the base because I want to do double stamping to create lace nail art background.
3. Apply peel off liquid latex to protect fingers while stamping.
Birthday Stamping Nail Art Ideas
4. I used a lace stamping plate BC-10 and yellow MDU stamping nail polish for the background.
5. I did candle stamping on thumb nail, index finger nail and pinky finger nail.
DIY Nail Art Ideas
6. On middle finger nail, I did red balloon stamping and a blue cupcake. I know blue cupcake looks a little odd, but anything look good in a colorful nail art.
Birthday Nail Art Ideas
7. A happy birthday tag stamping with red color is the perfect design to complete this nail art.
8. Remove peel of liquid latex and apply quick dry top coat to finalize my nail art.
Happy Birthday Stamping Nail Art
This happy birthday stamping plate is an amazing plate with lots of birthday designs including candles, cakes, bows etc. You can create lots of designs with it.
Birthday Stamping Plate
I hope you all enjoyed this happy birthday nail art ideas. I will be back soon with new nail art ideas and tutorials.

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