6 (4cm*20cm) Printed Flower Birds Doll Cartoon Metallic Shiny Nail Transfer Foils


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2017 New Arrival Fashionable Nail Art Transfer Foil


  1. Easy to apply and look beautiful on your nails.
  2. 6 pieces.
  3. Size: 4cm*20cm.
  4. It is perfect for home use as well as professional use.
  5. Available in multiple colors: Printed, flower, birds, doll, cartoon etc.
  6. Give a 3D nail art effect to your nails.
  7. Plastic jars are not included. Foils come in self-adhesive packs.

How to Apply Transfer Foil:

  1. Apply a coat of nail polish for the base of your nail art. Let it dry.
  2. Cut off a part of the transfer foil.
  3. Applying a layer of Global nail Special Glue (you can buy from our store) to your nail and waitting until it completely dry. (YOU CAN ALSO APPLY TRANSFER FOIL ON WET NAIL POLISH, BUT IF YOU WANT PERFECT RESULT THEN SPECIAL GLUE IS MUST)
  4. Place the transfer foil on your nail and press, make sure the nail sticker and nail adhesive. Than tear the nail sticker down.
  5. Brush a layer of top coat on your nail. And you have the beautiful foil nail art!

How to apply transfer foil for nail art



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