Born Pretty Dip Dipping Liquid Powder System- Base, Activator, Top, Brush Saver (15ml)

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How to use:
1) Prepare your nails.
2) Apply a thin coat of dip base.
3) Dip Tip of the entire nails in the dipping powder (any color of your choice).
4) Brush off excess powder.
5) Apply a second coat of dip base coat.
6) Dip tip of a nail into the dish to achieve desired smile line.
7) Brush off excess powder.
8) Apply dip activator.
9) Smooth and refine the surface with a buffer.
10) Apply Top Coat.
11) No need of UV Lamp. Just some practice needed.

Brush Saver is meant to clean brush of base coat, activator and top coat. Just change the cap of brush of base coat, activator and top coat with brush saver cap whenever required. Use it when you use glitter or dark color dipping powders.



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